Monday, April 30, 2012

Avernum Out For Windows, For What It's Worth.

A few weeks ago, Spiderweb Software finally released our newest role-playing game, Avernum: Escape From the Pit, for Windows. It's also out on Steam.

It's OK if you didn't notice, as a far higher profile indie RPG, Legend of Grimrock, came out the same day. It's a lot of fun and I'm almost done with it. I'll blog about it soon.

I've taken this long to blog about it (or anything) because work stress, increasing age, and family health issues have given me a persistent case of burnout. Burnout is an interesting issue. I'll blog about it soon.

Avernum: Escape From the Pit is doing well. It is old material. It's a rewrite of Avernum, which is itself a rewrite of Exile: Escape From the Pit. And yet, thanks to iTunes and Steam, it has already, in only a few months, earned as much as either of those titles earned in years and years. The revolutionary effect of Steam and iTunes on people trying to have my career simply cannot be understated. I'll blog about it soon.

Since it's a rewrite, it hasn't gotten as many reviews, which is fair. GameBanshee wrote a tough, fair, generally positive review which makes me want to write some interesting things about video games and art. No, I'm kidding. Writing about video games and art is never interesting. Still. I'll blog about it soon.

I've also been playing Mass Effect 3, when I can work up the energy. I'm not feeling it the way I felt Mass Effect 1 and 2, but I'm sure I can come up with some interesting things to say about it. I won't bother to write an actual review, as you've already finished it and made a YouTube video about how angry the ending made you. I'll blog about it soon.

Finally, Community has been having an amazing season. I won't blog about it, as Community fans are almost as tiresomely aggressive in their evangelism as The Wire fans and bronies. Still. If you watch it on Hulu before it gets cancelled (which should happen ... ... NOW), you can be ahead of the nerd-culture curve.


  1. I've been finding this season of Community to be quite hit-or-miss, actually (and I loved the first two in a way that probably wasn't healthy or legal). What do you find so amazing?

  2. Avernum is super great. Even if it is a remake, it's still a fun and rather interesting story to work through. I'm in process of publishing a review on it that compares it to the lives of some great American politicians and their ridiculously needy wives.

    That would be a fun game too

  3. I've been playing for a while - great fun! My favorite game of any you made. :)

  4. Er... is there anything you're NOT going to blog about soon?! :-D

    Enjoying Avernum: Escape from the Pit. I've found all of your games very similar, but since most of the things that make them similar also make them good games, that's okay.

  5. Love that it is on Steam, thanks for what you do Jeff.

  6. Jeff: Ummm... At the end of paragraph 4, did you mean "cannot be OVERstated"?

  7. How dare you compare The Wire to a lightweight sitcom and a garish gout of animation!

    I kid. I kid. I just needed an excuse to write "garish gout".

    Nice plug for the RPG competition. You've got a solid niche, but I do like that Steam/iTunes/internet have made indie games more profitable and accessible.

  8. The problem I had with ME3 was the persistent feeling of hopelessness throughout the game. I know this was intentional, it being a massive war and all. But it just makes the game so less epic and the other titles. And the ending drove this hopelessness home.

    I like the multiplayer, though.

  9. Rock, Paper, Shotgun also have done a review of Avernum.

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  11. Even spammers love Escape From The Pit! Amazing!

  12. Will there be any Linux release? I found out your games with Linux release of Avadon and it is absolutely great.

  13. "The lengthy descriptions and interesting conversations are detailed and often witty." - Rockpapershotgun

    This is a major reason why I love your work.
    Sincerest regards,
    Josh (a faithful player since the days of Exile)

  14. Hi! I just discovered your work and am happily playing through Avadon: The Black Fortress right now. I stopped because I wanted to go online and see if it was possible to romance any of your companion characters (it was that search that eventually led me here).

    As an old-school BioWare fan, I'm really loving Avadon, and I will definitely pick up Avernum next. I wish you'd consider adding romances, though! I feel like romance options add a lot to an RPG.

    And my sorceress is getting awfully frustrated, being so kind and supportive to Severin without him ever noticing that she's totally throwing herself at him. Mmm, tell me more about YOUR "stone code," baby!

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